2022 Recap

2022 went by in a blur. Some of the major events:

  • Ordered 2800sqft of flooring (that turned out to be defective)
  • Had already scheduled old flooring removal, so went ahead with that process
  • Spent 2 months getting defective flooring returned
  • New flooring was chosen and ordered, due to supply chain constraints it was on backorder for 2 months
  • After living on subfloors for 3 months, finally had new floors delivered and install started
  • Install had to be paused halfway through the house so we could have a kid
  • Have a kid = planned free birth, it was awesome and deserving of it's own post
  • Total homelab revamp

I'm working on some new content and intend to post a bit more frequently, may have a total blog refresh at some point this year. We'll see if I have the time.